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"Hello from the USA"
Dear Sowanna,
What more wonderful things could I possibly say about you that hasn't already been said? 
The time my family spent and experienced with you was indeed the highlight of our Southeast Asia trip. You not only introduced us to Cambodia, but went out of you way to teach us your customs, heritage, language and the ways of Cambodian life.  My greatest compliment to you is to say, "please continue to be yourself, the BEST CAMBODIAN GUIDE".  Your website is an honest reflection of not only you but the services you provide 
Our visit to Siem Reap was to witness first hand the temples and learn as much as possible from the local culture.
Your vast knowledge of the temples, region and history indeed had us coming away with a better understanding of these mysterious wonders. I would like to mention how much we all appreciated your natural humor, your photographic skills and your honesty when sharing your family way of life.
You were all you said you'd be and then some.  We had a wonderful time and we owe much of it's success to you.
Thank you and your family for your prayers, and may God bless you, your family and continue to bless your Cambodian Tour Guide Services.
I will send photos of our time with you very shortly.
Thank you,
Gary & Denise Lohr
Scott & Alyssa Lohr
Brett Lohr

We enjoyed our tour with Sowanna very much. Sowanna is a great guide and a charming person. The tour was very efficient, enabling us to see as many temples as possible in the time available to us and Sowanna was always very flexible in accommodating our requests to change the itinerary. The 4 wheel drive vehicle was excellent and required during the floods we experienced at Siem Reap and ensured our trip continued as planned. Sownna is highly recommended! Chris and Gina. London, UK.

Sowanna did an outstanding job. He had a great plan for the three days we were with him. The sights were outstanding and Sowanna provided great background information for each site. He was very patient and also was very gracious when we asked him to take many pictures of us. I have traveled all over the world and would rate him as one of the best guides I have used. I recommend him. His English is excellent. Bryan M, Houston, Texas, USA

Dear Sowanna,
We would really like to express our gratitude towards your service in Cambodia. It was our first visit and you have made it really worthwhile.
As photographers, we have our own expectations when taking photos, especially lighting, scenes, perpectives.   You fulfilled it even without us telling what we want. Best part, when we arrived at a particular temple, there were no other tourist around. And when we are done, we walked out of the place when load of buses of other tourists start swarming in. Really appreciate that! We've got a lot of keepers in our photos.  Sowanna is always prompt when fetching us. Never late. He also extend his service beyond his working hours. He even brought us for a night tour in the city. We don't see other guides doing that.
We will definitely visit Cambodia again and we know who to find to be our guide. Thank you once again for your wonderful service.
Shahrie Photographer Group


I and my group (altogether 5 women) spent 5 days in Cambodia. We arranged our program in advance with Sowanna and he booked for us an excellent hotel as we agreed on it. Our trip was excellent and memorable thank to our guide to Sowanna. He’s a very talented, experienced guide so we could rely on him every time. He’s very flexible and accomplised all of our wishes. For example On the way to Beng Melea – to a distant but a very interesting and intact  place – we realized in a village that a wedding ceremony was held and as we were interested, Sowanna arranged for us to participate ont he ceremony and to take photos there. These was a magical moment for us. He knows well every monument and buildings he could show us the best places for taking photos. He could show us the most interesting places among the historical places and int he villages too.

Our mini bus was always very clean and we got cool fresh water every day in the bus during the trip. He took us restaurants where we could ate safe and healthy food. It’s also very important.

So, I could recommend to everybody to take their visit to Cambodia with Sowanna. If anybody need any information about him or about our travel, please feel free to write me: zelko.csilla@mkb.hu or csillogo11@gmail.com

Best regards,


Dear Sowanna
I got back last night and am thankful for the assistance you provided us in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.  Unfortunately, I am unable to open the the site through login password.  I am therefore writing my review below which you can use however you want
Being first time travellers to Cambodia, we were apprehensive about how things would really work.  Sowanna laid rest to all our concerns.  Right from the time he received us at the airport we were put to complete ease.  Sowanna is a kind, compassionate and very intelligent man possessing thorough knowledge of the Angkor era history.  He is extremely helpful, accomodating and on each occasion punctual in keeping his appointments,  Never did we get the impression that we were being short changed for anything.  The transportation arranged for us was excellent.  We were taken around in an excellent 4x4 vehicle with good airconditioning, plenty of drinking water and cold towels to cool us down.  He even arranged our road transportation from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.  I strongly urge all potential visitors to Siem Reap to use his services.  I am sure they wll not be disappointed.
Zulfiqar Alavi (

I traveled to Cambodia with a group of 5. Cambodia was fantastic, Sowanna is an awesome tour guide bringing us around Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The temples in Siam Reap were like nothing we've seen before. The history of those temples and of Cambodia continues to amazes us. Sowanna is very passionate in what he does and is very hospitable. He provided us with very detailed explanations and stories behind the temples, the carvings and the people. He knows the good spots and angles for good pictures as well. We enjoyed our trip to Cambodia and we will definitely visit Angkor again in the near future.

Overall, Sowanna has exceeded our initial expectations and we would recommend Sowanna's tour guide services to anyone who wants a tour around Cambodia." 

Thank you and I would like to end with 'Honey Honey Smile :)"


Kathleen Teh and group( 


More than a tour guide...an ambassador to Cambodia !!!

For free independent travellers (FITS), having a reliable, competent and professional tour guide can make or break our holiday. Sowanna is all these and MORE !!! He's like an ambassador to his country. We engaged Sowanna for 5 days of holiday or rather..an adventure in Siem Reap. The itineraries were well planned and delivered on promise, even with lunch breaks back at our hotel for rest !!!

Sowanna was also able to maximise on our donation fund to 2 orphanages by buying rice, etc, through bulk seller rather than through retail outlets. Even his wife shared in our efforts. He also showed his mastery in the attraction by having in-depth knowledge, making our trip really more comfortable than otherwise.

He also takes great care of our children and warm up the trip with his humour. He's also a good photographer..composing our picture very well.
In my humble opinion, Sowanna is one of the best guides, if not THE BEST guide in the whole of Siem Reap. Find out for yourself & BELIEVE !!! ^___^ Have a blessed trip to Siem Reap.

For more Info. Jensen Chua" Singapore




My dear friend Sowanna
Please accept my apology for not responding for such a long time. 
 We had no internet connection in Thailand (actually available but very expensive). Let me thank you once again for all the care for us during our stay in Cambodia. We had a wonderful time in Cambodia. We have found there really beautiful country, excellent cuisine and services of high quality for very reasonable prices.
But what is the most important we have found new friend. Sowanna we are really missing you, me Marketa and Terezie also. Hope we will see together soon and you introduce your wife and sons to us…J.

I have also enclosed a couple of pictures made during our stay in Cambodia. Please feel free post them on your website if you wish, you have my permission.

Please let us know how are you. Looking forward for any news from you.

Best regards

Dalibor, Marketa and Terezie

From Czech Republic

Review of Sowanna Yun, Guide for our Cambodia visit.
Recently our group of four traveled to Cambodia where we were met by Sowanna Yun, who guided us through Phnom Penh and the Angkor Wat area for a stay of about one week. The trip was very memorable, largely because of the work done by Sowanna, who proved to be an outstanding and very knowledgeable guide. He met us at the Phnom Penh airport on our arrival as arranged, even though we had been delayed in our arrival at least one hour due to long lines for visas after the flight. The next day and the following morning were spent touring the capital, during which we visited all of the major sights and took a very nice boat trip along the Mekong River at sunset. Then our guide drove us north to Siem Reap, stopping along the way to see a very interesting roadside market in the Skun area and several other sights. 
We then spent several days in Siem Reap, each day making a full day visit to various Angkor temple ruins and surrounding sites. On our last day,
, Sowanna had made all the arrangements for us all to visit the bird sanctuary on Tonle Sap Lake, and afterward to enjoy a wonderful lunch of fresh lake fish at a small family-run restaurant in the nearby water village of Tonle Sap. That day proved to be one of the very most memorable days of all for us, seeing the roosting storks by the hundreds crowded in the trees of the flooded forest, and the colorful village full of activity

(there was even a beautiful wedding procession by boat that passed by our waterfront restaurant as we ate our tasty meal)! Throughout the trip Sowanna Yun anticipated our needs and provided for them, while making sure we saw the best parts of all the temples, and telling us the important information (and also many stories from the Ramayana and Mahabarata and other historical references) relating to the temples and temple carvings. He was on time each morning with the air-conditioned car cleaned and prepared, stocked with plenty of cold bottled water for our needs during the day.

At the end of our stay he drove us to the Siem Reap airport on time for our return flight, and there we somewhat reluctantly said goodbye to him, marking the end of a very interesting and successful Cambodian visit for the four of us.

I still think of our trip almost every day, and it will always be remembered as one of our most memorable and interesting ones ever - Sowanna Yun‘s skills in making our trip successful and enjoyable deserve much of the credit for this. I would highly recommend Sowanna Yun as an excellent guide to seek out for a unique and special Cambodian adventure to remember!

Robert Phelps

San Diego, California, US


We spent 3 days with Sowanna and enjoyed the entire visit.  Both Sowanna and his driver were very professional and the tours were well organized.  His knowledge of the history of the area is extremely impressive.
We were also impressed with the way he interacted not only with us but also that he took the time to talk to people working at the temples and other sites.  When we were walking down one of the corridors at the Angkor Wat Temple , there were two young custodians sweeping the floor near the wall we were looking at.  After he told us the story from that section of the wall, he explained the story to the two girls working there.  They said it was the first time anyone had explained to them the story being told by the carvings.  We would definitely recommend Sowanna as a tour guide for a visit to Siem Reap.

Special thanks to Joel and Mary Anne came from USA who take the worth time to create the wonderful Youtube pictures from Cambodian trip to promote our country. We would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless you and family to be safe in life and happiness. This Youtube.com is attached to this site forever.

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