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Your Dreams Can Become Reality In Cambodia

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I am a Cambodian who can speak three languages and work as a professional guide in Cambodia.

Hello. to our friendly readers, I am very pleased that you have taken the time to read about Around Cambodia. But it is not all the places, if you want to know more information, please write us. If you have any information that you feel should be included or not. I would like to hear from you with any Suggestions or Recommendations. email address : sowanna012@yahoo.com


Around and In Phnom Penh city

I. Phnom Penh city

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia or Kampuchea who situated on the Southern part of  Former Angkor Thom City some 320 Km

- Land Areas : is around 375 square kilometers.

- Population : is around 2,009,264 persons

1.2  Wat Phnom or Wat Phnom Daun Penh monastery

Phnom Penh City takes its name from the present Wat Phnom or Hill Temple. Legend has it that in 1372, an old nun named Penh went to fetch the water in the Mekong river and found a dead Koki tree floating down the stream. Inside the hole of that dead Koki tree contained four bronze and one stone Buddha statues in it.
Daun (Grandma) Penh brought the statues ashore and ordered people to pile up earth at northeast of her house and used those Koki trunks to build a temple on that hill to house the five Buddha statues, then named the temple after her as Wat Phnom Daun Penh, which presently known as Wat Phnom, a small hill of 27 meters (89 ft) in height.

Dmitry and Nadya came from Russia and Sowanna Yun were standing in front of  Royal Palace at Phnom Penh city : More Info. : http://wild-forever.livejournal.com/
- Royal palace is the most attraction site of all the visitors who can not miss in Phnom Penh.
1.3 Cambodian National Museum
It was built in 1917 and collected all the artifacts from the whole country to keep for safety. It is the best place for visitors before to visit Angkor Areas. A thousand and a thousand statues to install in this museum.
1.4 : Kuk Toul Sleng Museum or Toul Sleng Genocidal prisoner Museum.
- Toul Sleng Museum is the former School Children but Pol Pot regime took this place to make the prison in 1975 - 1979. It is the best place for visitors who come to visit Cambodia and need to know about Khmer Rough regime. I think that you have always read a book or Newspapers and listened to Radio but ,if you will come to visit it. You can understand it more than you have done.
1.5 Cheung Ek Killing Field or Wat Cheung Ek Killing Field.
The visitors can see a real thing in Cambodia and visit a hundred and hundred communal graves, mass graves that buried the death body and a thousand and thousand skulls and bones in Pol Pot regime was transported innocent people to kill there.
1.6 Independence Monument.
- This monument was built in 1958 under His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk when  Cambodia got independence from French on 9th November 1953. It is a huge and a long space for visitors to take a picture to keep it as souvenir and to remember in another country to rule another. More explanation by Sowanna Yun, you will not be disappointed in visiting Cambodia.
1.7 4 Junctional Mekong Rivers or Tonle Chatomuk.

Multi - national flags along the Mekong river in front of Royal palace

- It is the best one for visitors who can take a boat trip to see floating houses, 4 junction rivers, a hill and to see Sunset on the Mekong river, everyday life of people who lived along the Mekong river. You can have Dinner on the boat along the Mekong River and can see other amazing pictures.
1.8 : Toul Tampong Market or Russian Market
- It is a popularity for tourists to buy the wooden statues , sandstone statues, marble statues of Buddha or other Hindu Gods. You can find a real silk in Cambodia and other things are not included.

1.9 : Psa Thmei Market or New Market or Central market

- It was built in 1935 by French who ruled over Cambodia. You can find everything in Cambodia in this market.But do not forget to bargain the prices.
Around and In Phnom Penh city, we do not include all the places, please fell free to write us if you need any information from Cambodia. : sowanna012@yahoo.com , Tel. +855 977 872 192 , Tel. +855 12 768 193

Other Provinces of Cambodia and other attraction Sites

II. Kampong Thom Province

- Land Areas : is around 15,061 square Kilometers

- Population : is around 576,805 persons

- This province is the center or heart of Cambodia and one of the provinces has a historical site and rich in natural resources. Kampong Thom means a huge or a big Dockyard or quay across the Steung Sen river. The town is at the crossroads of Siem Reap - Angkor and Preah Vihear province & link to Phnom Penh city.

Other Attraction Sites

2.1 Sambor Prei Kuk Temple Group

- These historical sites are the former Khmer Empire and Capital city of Cambodia in 6th > the end of 8th century before Angkor Empire period. This place is the best site for tourists to come into Cambodia and want to know about the Ancient Khmer Empire and architecture. There are 140 temples have been found in the forest and other two temples have not yet been found.
2.2 Phnom Santuk mountain
This mountain is the popularity for local and foreigner tourists who wish to see the huge Buddha statues on the rock, Buddha foot print and reclining Buddha who was built by King Ponhea Dharma Reachea in 1474 have been maintained until now.
2.3 : Andet Temple or Prasat Andet
- Andet temple was built by King Jayavarman I around 627 - 707. It is the oldest temple in the Ancient Khmer Empire. It was constructed from laterite or volcanic stone and sandstone.
2.4 : Prei Pros Resort
- This place is the best one for visitors to take a relaxation and get a good fresh air from a huge space and big lake and row a boat to get lotus flowers and picnic food.etc
2.5 : Carving Stone Place or Stone Handicraft
- This place is attracted from local or foreigner tourists to see how they carve other sandstone statues and other house furniture from the stone. And to see how they have made silk scarf, shirt and Cambodian Traditional clothes and handbages from the real silk.etc
2.6 : Preah Khan Kampong Svay Temple.
- Preah Khan temple of Kampong Svay is one of the temples built in early 13th century of King Jayavarman 7 before Angkor Thom city. Taprohm and Neak Pean temples.etc.
III . Battambang Province

- Land Areas : is around  11,702 square kilometers

- Population : is around 1,036,523 persons

Battambang is the second capital city of Cambodia and it has a lot of colony buildings were constructed in 1863 - 1953 by the French regime. This place is the best fame of rice-production to export to other provinces such as Phnom Penh city and other countries. It has many kinds of ruby or sapphires in Pailin town and the fame of fresh orange fruit. Battambang means the loss of holy club.

Other Attraction Sites

3.1 : Baset Temple or Wat Baset
This temple was built in 11th century ( around 1002 AD ) by King Suryavarman I who built the Phimeanakas temple in the center of Angkor Thom ( Former Royal Palace ). This is the Architecture of Khmer in 11th century. and nearby the temple has a big pond 20 x 12 meters = 10 meters depth , it has never dried up.etc
3.2 - Wat Ek Phnom temple
This temple was built in around 1002 by King Suryavarman I after Takeo temple in the Angkor Areas. This temple is a holy place for local people in the full moon day of Buddhist religion.etc
3.3 - Prasat Phnom Banan temple

This temple was built in the King Udayadityavarmarn II ( 1050 - 1066 AD ) who built the Baphuon temple in the center of Former Angkor Thom and in 1181 - 1220 AD , the King Jayavarman VII was restored and completion the whole building to become a great Buddhist site. Elevation of Banan mountain is around 400 meters height. This is a very famous temple in the whole Cambodia.

- Battambang province has an ancient Khmer temple is around 300 temples or Prasat. I do not include in all those places.

3.4 - Phnom Sam Pov mountain
- This mountain is a natural mountain that was built the monastery on the summit. Elevation is around 100 meters height. This place is crowded by local and foreigners tourists in the Full moon day of Buddhist religion and Khmer Happy New. etc.
3.5 - Boeng Kam Penh Poouy or Kam Penh poouy lake
- This is a huge or a big lake was constructed by Pol Pot regime in 1975 - 1979 . They made the dam from Ta Ngen mountain to Kam Penh Pouy mountain to retain the water in rainy season. This place is very popular for local and foreigner tourists to visit it on Saturday and Sunday. This lake is around 1900 meters width by 19 Km long. It is a clean place and has many small buildings to relax and picnics.
Around and In Battambang city, we do not include all the places
Where to stay and where to visit

For more information: Just click on

Memoria Palace and Resort

Memoria Palace & Resort is nestled on a cozy northern edge of foothills of Cardamom Mountains in northwestern Cambodia. Our resort is a beautiful boutique eco-resort offering simple, yet stylish accommodations, memorable experiences and personal rejuvenation made for nature lovers and is dedicated to the creation of a pristine environment and responsible tourism. The tranquil comfort of the lush green natural beauty on the resort property and surrounding area creates an environment perfect for a variety of escapes; peace and relaxation, adventure and outdoors, or quality time with family and friends.

V. Rattanakiri Province
Ratannakiri province is one of the provinces of Cambodia on the North - Eastern of Phnom Penh city. A mountainous region bordering with  Lao country to the North. Land areas : 11,052 square kilometers. Population : 94,243 persons of ethnic minority 80%. This province is a popular tourist destination. Untouched self-sufficient hill tribe communities.  Ratannakiri is home to most of Cambodia`s ethnic minorities. You can take an elephant ride to visit the hill tribe communities and the beautiful natural waterfall. My favorite is the world unseen and increditable places.
Other Attraction Sites
1. Yak Loom Lake

2. Ka Chhang waterfall

3. Ka Teang waterfall

4. Cha Ong waterfall

5.Virajay National Park ( animals and birds sanctury )

6. Ei Sei Por Ta Mak mountain ( To climbe up to see Lao and Vietnamese border.)

7. Lumpat Wildlife Sanctury.

8. Norng Kabat Forest ( To see Ethnic Village, culture and traditional belief of hilltribe.Etc.

9. Hilltribe Market ( To see hilltribe vine basket , bracelets, necklaces,crossbows, smoking pipe and dry gourds to keep the traditional wine )

Mondulkiri Province
One of the provinces of Cambodia on eastern part that border Vietnam on East - North and South. Mondulkiri means = center of mountain. The provincial town is surrounded by mountain range. Mondulkiri is a chock-full of natural beauty, with forested mountains, powerful natural waterfalls and lush grassy hills. Communities of hill tribe are still unaffected by mass - tourism and a big attraction for foreign tourists in the future.
Road network was completely paved by rubber. You can find the buses for travel from Phnom Penh city or Siem Reap - Angkor to Mondulkiri province to visit Cambodian hill tribe. The bus takes time around 4 or 5 hours to reach this province. The price of the bus is around USD10 to USD12 per person. Destination from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri is around 380km. Siem Reap - Angkor is around 628km to reach Mondulkiri.  Jurij Leshko  Group had just been finished a trip in 2010 ( www.leshko.com  )
Other Attraction Sites
1. Rom Monea Natural waterfall

2. Chrai Thom Natural Waterfall

3. Boo Sra Natural Waterfall

4. Pou Tang Village of Ethnic minority

5. Sen Monorom Natural Waterfall

6. Poo Loong Village of Ethnic minority

Sihanoukville, also known as Kompong Som , is the only deep sea port in Cambodia. It is prosperous due to its popularity as a tourist destination - a paradise for any who enjoy party, swimming or seafood. ( After walking in an Ancient Khmer Empire - Angkor Wat and Former Angkor Thom city ). Hotels and residences are spread widely across the many hills in Sihanoukville. A symptom of the lightening fast development currently take place.
Other Attraction Sites
1.  Ou Chheu Teal Beach

2.  Sokha Island or Sokha Beach

3.  Independence Beach

4.  Kbal Chay Waterfall

5.  Koh Poos Island

6.  Ream Beach

7.  Preah Sihanouk National Park

8.  Victory Beach ( etc )

7. Kompot province
Located the southern coastal region, Kampot is the most beautiful province of Cambodia, offering beaches,deserted islands, wooded mountains, caves, a national park, waterfalls and a picturesque colonial town of the same name. Pepper, salt and the famous durian are the main agricultural products  although the nascent tourist industry is beginning to flourish, filling. Kampot provincial town with upscale restuarant and hotels and Guesthouses.
Other Attraction Sites
Prek Ampil Salt Field

Tek Chhoo

- Kep Thmei

- Bokor Mountain

- Phnom Chhngouk cave temple

- Phnom Sorsir caves

- Phnom Kampong Trach caves

- Kampot pagoda

- Se Da Oun Mountain

- Pepper farm

- Koh Ton Say is the beautiful island in Kep town. Kep town is the preferred destination for families and couples looking to swim, picnic or just soak up the sun.
8. Koh Kong Province
With the cardamon mountain in the north, the Damrei mountain in the south and remote beaches and coastline. Koh Kong is strickingly beautiful and travel through the green forest along the way to Koh Kong Provincial town. Koh Kong is close to Hat Lek border crossing with Thailand. You can travel by speed boat from Thailand. Koh Kong is mixed currency used as Thai baht, Cambodian Riels and Us dollars.
Other Attraction Sites and names

- Chhum Yeam Beach

- Koh Mol Beach

- Kbal Chhay Koh Pa waterfall

- Ta Tay Leu waterfall

- Koh Sdech Kirisakor coast

- Ta Tay Krom waterfall

- Khuon Chang Kuon Phen island

The beautiful Koh Kong bridge

9. Kampong Cham Province
Set on the banks of the Mekong River and within easy reach of both Phnom Penh and Vietnam. Kampong Cham is an important trade and transportation. The town itself is quaint and charming with a bustling riverside promenade. population is over 2 million lives in and most working as rubber plantation and farmers. Kampong Cham is flat land and red soil is ideal for farming and fruit orchards.
Other Attraction Sites

- Phnom Bros & Phnom Srei mountain

- Teuk Cha waterfall

- Norkor Chey temple

- Phnom Hann Chey temple

- Cheung Prei Mountain

- Chroy Chek Promontory

- Koh Pen Coast & etc
10. Kratie Province
Kratie is a sleepy colonial town on the banks of the Mekong River. It is located in the northern Cambodia. Sandbank and big islands stand out of the meandering river where the fresh water dolphins can often be seen.
Other Attraction Sites

- Som Buk Mountain

- Sor Sor Moouy Roy pagoda

- Vihear Lav pagoda

- Preah Vihear Kak Kandal

- Su Por Kaley Mountain

- Kam Pe

- Chroy Ray

- Chrey Meang River

- An Lung Pa South

- Prei Kiri forest

- Preah Mountain

11. Preah Vihear Province
Straddling the borders of Thailand and Loas in Cambodia`s far north. Preah Vihear is a mighty kingdom that once ruled the area have left many temples and citadels to rival the Angkor empire. The most famous temples are  Preah Vihear temple and Koh Ker temple group. Preah Vihear temple was just listed and recorded by Unesco on 7th July 2008. This is my most favorite temple on the Dang Rek mountain in 620 meters height.
Other Attraction Sites
Pyramid temple in Koh Ker temple group , Prasat Thom

- Preah Vihear temple

- Ba Kan temple

- Bak Kam pagoda

- Kropum Chhouk temple

- Koh Ker temple group

12. Banteay Meanchey Province
Situated on the Thai border in the north - western Cambodia. This province is an important trading with Thailand for import - export all the cargoes at Poi Pet border crossing. And outside of Import - Export , there are many casino buildings along the Thai - Cambodian border.
Cambodian Visa on arrival
Border crossing at Poi Pet , you can get Cambodian visa on your arrival into Cambodia but they need your photo 4 X 6 in a piece.
Other Attraction Sites
- Bantaey Chhmar temple

- Poi Pet Casino

- Banteay Neang Mountain

- Phnom Touch mountain

- Phnom Bak mountain

- Marble sculpture and handcrafts

- Bird sanctuary in Ang Tra Paing Thmor lake

- Etc

13. Steung Treng Province
The mountainous province of border Loas country to north. Provincial town is friendly and quiet, situated near the confluence of the San and Mekong Rivers and just downstream from the thousand islands. The town is a picture - postcard riverside settlement with an economy based on fishing, silk weaving, farming and wood.
Other Attraction Sites

- Dolphin Pool

- Virachey National Park

- 9 storey Pagoda

- Hang Kouban Pagoda

- Preah Ko temple

- Bat Mountain

- Pha Met waterfall

- Preah Theat Mountain

- Preah Ko Tha Borivat

- Ann Loung Koh Chheu Teal River

- O`pong Moun River

- Veal Rom Pe Touch & Thom lake. ( etc )

14. Pursat Province
Pursat is located in western Cambodia. The provincial town sits astride the Pursat river in the shadow of Phnom Kravanh mountain and near the Tonle Sap lake. Another thickly forested province, Pursat has wildlife reserves under the protection of international conservation groups, although logging still accounts for much of the local economy alongside marble mining.
Railway connects Phnom Penh - Pursat and Battambang
Other Attraction Sites

- Kampong Loung Floating Village

- Marble Mining

- Handicraft of Marble statues

- Lang Trach Mountain

- Kleang Meoung Holy Shrine

- Ou Da Teuk Choo waterfal

- Wildlife animals in Phnom Kravanh mountain

One of the roads to Wildlife animals sanctuary
15. Kampong Speu Province
Situated amongst mountainous plateaus province is green and lush. The most attraction of Kampong Speu is still forested, with Kirirom National Park and Phnom Aural is the highest mountain in Cambodia and the wildlife animal sanctuary inside the provincial boundaries. The provincial is near the highway number 4 and links Phnom Penh city and Sihanoukville. etc
Other Attraction Sites

- The ancient Khmer city of U-Dong and pagoda

- Kampong Speu Golf Course

- Umpe Phnom Pagoda

- Chambok Ecotourism Area

- Phnom Aural Wildlife sanctuary

- Ta Te Teuk Pus ( hot spring water )

- Kirirom Mountain National Park ( etc )

16. Kampong Chhnang Province
The centrally situated Kampong Chhnang is easygoing river town near Tonle Sap river that  Tonle Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers flows in and out refers to season. The colonial architectural  town links Pursat, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey provinces. Surrounded town by picturesque of the countryside and only 91 km away from Phnom Penh. Kampong Chhnang is a commonly overlooked tourist destination. The area is famed for their skilled potters.
Other Attraction Sites

- The ancient Khmer city : Lovek

- Phnom Kong Rai mountain

- Kraing Dei Meas mountain

- Airfield made it at Khmer Rough Regime

- The Floating House along the Tonle Sap river

- Ro Bat Mountain

- Kampong Preah temple

- Por Reay temple ( etc )

Speed boat run across the Kampong Chhnang is near Phnom Kang Rai mountain along the Tonle Sap & Mekong Rivers and goes to Phnom Penh - Siem Reap - Angkor
17. Takeo Province
Takeo , bordering Vietnam to the south, is blessed with natural beauty and many historical sites. A scenic riverside promenade and lake area faces the pleasant town park. Takeo province is the oldest historical site in Cambodia. It is the former ancient Khmer city of Funan or Nokor Phnom.
Other Attraction Sites

- Phnom Ba Yang temple

- Phnom Ta Mao zoo

- Phnom Chiso temple

- Neang Khmao temple

- Taprohm Tonle Bati temple

- Pa Ouk waterfall

- Thmo Do & Phnom Ta Mao temple

- Clay Pots

- Woven handcrafts

- Silk Skirts & Woven handcrafts

- Phnom Da temple

18. Svay Rieng Province
Provincial town sits just 58 km from the Mock Bai border crossing with Vietnam. The people lives there, most of them works on the agriculture and trading Vietnam.etc.
Other Attraction Sites

Bavet International Market

- Bavet Casino

- Prei Ba Sak

- Romeas Haek temple

19. Prey Veng Province
Pancake -flat Prey Veng province borders Vietnam to the south and is predominantly agricultural area. Increasing investment has let to a diverse set of crops including biodiesel. etc
Other Attraction Sites
Work In Progress
Kandal Province
The flood plains surrounding Phnom Penh city make up Kandal province, which borders Vietnam at its southern extremity. Ta Khmao town , just outside of Phnom Penh, is the province urban center. etc
Other Attraction Sites
Work In Progress
21. U-ddor Meanchey Province

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