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 How to visit Cambodia

A short special notice for our friendly readers

Greeting in Cambodia

Welcome the Cambodian way is not by hand shaking. We take two arms to respect each other and then say " Jooum Reap Soou " meaning " Hello " or how do you do. This is our tradition. Man and woman can not " shake hands ". Some people have changed a little bit in towns or cities.

You should nod your head or take both arms to respect and then say " Hello = Jooum Reap Soou " . you can not touch, shake hand and hold the body of Buddhist monk or Cambodian woman or kiss in Cambodia. Another thing you can not touch the head of Cambodian because they believe when some one touches their head, they will get  bad luck or bad omen.

How to use things in Cambodia

- You should prepare and bring the following :

- Hat , Umbrella, Sunburn cream and a small mosquito spray

- Sport shoe to walk on uneven surfaces of the temple sites.

- A small Flash light or Torch in case of electricity cut off or to make a light to see Sunrise during walking into the dark places.

Weather in Cambodia

- January onward is a little hot in Cambodia because of environment is changing.

How to wear clothes

- You can wear short clothes in the Khmer Ancient temple sites but,if you visit Buddhist monastery or pagoda, it is not permitted. You must wear along one and take a shoe or hat off before climbing up. This is a rule, 90 percent of 15 million population are Buddhist religion.

Special notices : If you visit Angkor Wat temple, you must wear a long pants.  If you wear a sexy or short clothes, Cambodian Authorities will not permit you to climb up to the third level of Angkor Wat temple. The third level of Angkor Wat temple was closed two years ago for restoration and safety of tourists. It had just re-opened on 15 January 2010.

Hello. Mr Sowanna,
We are back to our work today. Matt and I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance through Cambodia. This was our first holiday together and the effort that you went to and the guidance that you gave over the eight days will remain in our hearts and our memories for a very very long long time.
My most memorable time was at the school with the children. I will always remember them.
Both Matt and I are very busy over the next few weeks so please give us time to write on the blog sites.  We want to set up some links to other travel sites as well to make sure that you get get very good recommendations.
I can write something for you straight away about information on how  ladies should dress for the temples and the Palace.
When traveling to Cambodia it is important to respect the culture and traditions of the Cambodian people. Females, for most of the temples and sites will be able to wear shorts and tanks tops. However there are two places where you MUST dress modestly as a female. The upper level of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and the Kings Palace in Phnom Phen. Please wear pants or skirts that pass the knees and shoulders must be covered. The Palace requires a female to cover her shoulders and legs. A shoulder
wrap is NOT accepted in the Palace. I recommend that you wear a light linen pant and blouse. The weather is always hot so you must feel comfortable. Comfortable flat walking shoes are also recommended. All of the walking through Angkor Wat and most of Siem Reap is on dirt roads. Please keep this in mind when choosing footwear. I wish for you to be comfortable and happy when visiting Cambodia beautiful country.
I hope that this will help your tour guide site. Mr Sowanna and his family are in our thoughts
Matt and Karen, Australia

How to use money in Cambodia

- US dollar is a widely used currency in Cambodia but you should prepare a small bill such as $1,$5,$10,$20 and $50 notes.

- ATM machine :

If you want to withdraw  money from ATM machine, you will get  US dollar in Cambodia.

Cambodian Currency is Riels; banknote starts : 100 riel, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 100,000 and 200,000 Riels banknotes.

- Exchange Rate : US$ 1 = around 4,000 Riels

How to take picture in Cambodia

- You can take it  everywhere you want. Most of Cambodian people like the tourists to take their picture.

- Photographers should prepare Charger and Spare Part of battery.

How to burn CD

- You should find a good shop or a new computer. I had experienced with my client who came from USA. They visited Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and the last one is Cambodia. His memory card was full. I gave him a lot of words about BURN CD ( to buy a new memory card ), but He did not believe me. When he reached his home and opened it. He did not get any pictures. How many day do his wife have cried about pictures. Please quest it and write me. I will give you a reward as Buddha statue and shipping to you. I have still his documents in my email address : sowanna012@yahoo.com

 How is safety in Cambodia

- Siem Reap - Angkor is a very safe place and heaven on earth for tourists. Cambodian Authorities are well done. Cambodian people are friendly & warmly welcome to foreigners and visitors.

How to purchase the things in Cambodia

- Everything that you wish to .., but you should bargain the price. How many percent ( No answering). Artifacts are not permitted to purchase or bring it to your country. Cambodian law is 25 years in jail if you will bring and find out by police along the way. How is Cambodian jewelry. ruby and sapphire. If you are not a specialist, you should avoid.

 How to eat in restaurant

- All the restaurants in Siem Reap  quote their prices in US dollar but you should eat the safe food, clean place and hot food. Cold food is not permitted. We are afraid of your stomach. It is not expensive as your own country. All the prices are inspected by Tourism Offices in Siem Reap.

 How to tip

Tip is not a Cambodian tradition, but you should give it because of the low wage in Cambodia. How many percent, it is up to you.

 Drinking water

- You should drink  Mineral water only . Sowanna Services will provide the cold Mineral bottle water for you without payment.

Please send me any inquiries : sowanna012@yahoo.com

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You will not be disappointed in visiting Cambodia. Sowanna is your guide.

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