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Charity, Sympathy, Compassion, Equanimity


Welcome To The Kingdom Of Cambodia

The war takes a long time in Cambodia. The landmine and unexplosions were buried and scattered across the whole country. A thousand and thousand people were disable. A thousand and thousand families were fatherless and motherless. A million and million people were killed by Pol Pot regime.

Hello.! our friendly readers, we are very pleased that are interested in the foundation page. We have believed that you read a lot of our Example Tour Itineraries and Others. We hope that you have understood in Cambodia.

When you arrive in Cambodia, it immediately apparent that people struggling. Some are struggling to get started.

Some are struggling to survive . Everywhere there are opportunities to help.

Sowanna seeks to support projects that reduce poverty levels and increase education and economic opportunities in Siem Reap.

Our projects provide Training and Education of foreign languages for children in rural areas  and economic development for people in & around Siem Reap. We focus resources and attention to solve these problems.

Sowanna charity is a non - political and non - religious to provided opportunity for children  and supported the needs of many poor family children and Orphan Center who have no moneys to pay for foreign languages.

Sowanna is delighted to serve you through his/her desire to assist children in obtaining an education.

Our goal is to locate and serve the many children in Siem Reap who live in the poorest rural villages and do not attend school for foreign languages. We provide services and opportunities to develop the students`economic situations in order to improve their living conditions and future prospects. School in Cambodia is free during primary school for Khmer language,in hopes that children will at least learn basic reading, writing and the literacy rate will be improved. The problem is that most impoverished children do not have money to pay for foreign languages.The Foundation also supplies notebooks,pens and pencils. We hope that you will help us at any donations with supplies like notebooks,pens,pencils when you arrive in our country and visit the places.

Dmitry and Nadya donated some money to Orphan Center in Cambodia : His website:  http://wild-forever.livejournal.com/

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


Hope you’re well and the school is doing fine! All the best, Susi

After doing much search on the Internet and asking friends for recommendations we contacted the Cambodian Guide (www.cambodianguide.com) to be our guide during our 5 day trip to Siem Reap Dec. 2009.
It was the best decision we took! Sowanna Yun was most knowledgeable and friendly. Every email I sent to him was promptly replied. Our flight out was delayed one day due to heavy snow but Sowanna rearranged everything right away and kept me informed of all the changes by email and by SMS. When we finally arrived in Siem Reap there was our Tuk Tuk driver, a lovely man called Vanna, waiting for us to take us to see the floating village at Tonle Sap Lake.
The next day we were picked up punctually at 5 am to see Angkor Wat at sunrise. It’s a most breathtaking sight when you first see the silhouette of the 5 towers and the reflection in the water (of the pond in front of Angkor Wat) against the sky as the day becomes lighter and brighter. It was a magical moment and it surpassed all my expectations! The next two days were spent visiting various different temples, like Angkor Thon, Banyon, Ta Phrom with many gigantic trees with powerful roots that coil around the ancient stone slabs like a huge cobras, waiting to become alive!
We were very interested in visiting the charity project that Sowanna supports, Home Stay Volunteer Teacher Org. www.hvto.org , so we ask Sowanna to take us there.  It’s a project that teaches 2 villages English after school or work. It’s located about 40 km from Siem Reap, on the way to Bang Melea Temple. We stopped at a market to pick up lots of notebooks and pencils for the children. Basically HVTO, initiated by Sim Piseth, a young Cambodian guide in his 20s, built 3 classrooms next to a primary school to teach English to any villager who wishes to learn. Currently they have about 600 pupils (children, adults, monks) and the classes are held throughout the day.
The children were very enthusiastic and eager learners, they also had very neatly written notebooks! We were amazed by their beautiful handwriting, in both Khmer and English.
A competent and energetic young Australian lawyer was teaching on the day we visited; she was being assisted by a Khmer speaking Cambodian teacher as well. She told us that the pupils are very keen, but the days are too short so classes have to stop around 5:30 pm due to darkness. The village doesn’t have electricity, and the school doesn’t have power generator to charge batteries for lighting. She also told us that many basic things, like toothbrush, tooth paste, soaps, flip flops, are luxury items, so she’s organising a donation of lots of toothbrushes so the children will have nice healthy teeth.
This visit was the second highlight of our visit as it made us understand how everyone of us could help by contributing just a little time and/or money to solve some very basic things in life.  HVTO is a most worthy project and we have decided to work with Sowanna to help it grow; the next item on the list is a power generator so they can have light and learn in the evenings as well.
A last note, we loved being driven around by our Tuk Tuk driver, Vanna. He was always punctual and smiling! He took us to a simple restaurant that served delicious Cambodian food! We could have gone there for every meal. He also took us to Healthy Hands for a 4-hand oil massage. Pure bliss! On the last day Vanna took us to the airport and we were very sad to leave him and beautiful Cambodia!

For now all our best wishes and blessings to you! We miss Cambodia! Susi, Jakob and my mother Lee
Lee Chi-Chin
From the province of Hunan, 湖南
Special thank to family - Susi Ma, Jakob and mother Lee came from England who donated the power generator for our supporting school in English language. I ,teachers,students and community would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.


Special thank for family - Ian & Susan Baron came from United Arab Emirate who donated the 2 Clean Water pumps for Cambodian family. I and villagers would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.

Hi Sowanna, Ian is traveling at the moment so I offered to respond to your last email. The memories of our trip will remain with us for a very long time. We all enjoyed our short time in Cambodia, made all the more special with your guidance and help.
Thank you for arranging the water pumps so promptly. We were very glad to be able to help in this way. Please keep in touch, probably better to contact me as Ian travels frequently. We would like to help more in the future, so let's keep in touch to see how that can be arranged.
Best regards

Ian & Susan Baron

Special thank for family - Dayle & John came from Australia who donated a small house for old & poor Cambodian family. I and a Cambodian family would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.
Hi Sowanna,
That is fine that you used the money for a house instead of the books/pens.  You would know best how to help your people.
I would highly recommend Sowanna as a tour guide in the Siem Reap area.  He was always prompt and reliable, his driver and van were very solid, his prices reasonable, and he was very knowledgeable.
Sowanna efficiently lead us through as many sites as we wanted to see.  He was conscious that our pace was good for all, with breaks as needed.  We covered extensively that region in 3 days with him. 
He was flexible and had a very nice way about him.  He was trustworthy and easy to be with for long periods.
He cares for the people of Cambodia, and helps facilitate their rise towards their middle class by helping them help themselves.  He treats everyone with respect, but provides outsiders an understanding of the everyday life for typical Cambodians with peeks into their housing, yards, foods, villages, schools, etc.
All our best to Sowanna Yun!

Special thank for family - Helga Wiig Stangeland & Daniel Ueland came from Norway who donated the 17 Dictionaries in different kind for our supporting School in English language to keep in library. I and English teachers and students would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet
all happiness and good health and long life forever.

Special thanks for family - Daborah Hewes came from Australia who used our services ( 9th - 13th October 2010) and donated US$100 and 400 reading books in English for Home Stay Volunteer Teachers Organisation. I , students, teachers
and community would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.

Dear Sowanna,

I would like to thank you so much for making our third trip to Siem Reap such a memorable experience! 

Arriving in wet season gave us a completely different experience to when we have visited before in the dry season.  We love Siem Reap and the Cambodian people and were eager to share this experience with my parents, Ted and Elaine, who have not travelled in South East Asia at all.  Since my Fathers retirement my parents have travelled extensively around the world many times, so when they said that they loved their holiday in Cambodia they do this from a well travelled experience.

Your kindness towards them and especially your attention to my mother to make sure she was safe while climbing over the temples made their holiday experience even more special.  They enjoyed your stories and friendly conversation and I am sure they will be writing to tell you this very soon.

The highlight of my time in Cambodia was visiting your home village and seeing the school you support to teach children English.  My son, Sean, will definitely consider returning to help teach if this is possible, and I am already looking for more teaching resources and reading books for the school.

We are already thinking about returning to Cambodia again as there is still so much we can see and learn.   

Thank you so much for making this holiday such a terrific experience for all of us and I have already recommended your services to my friends here in Singapore.

Best wishes

Deborah, Don and Sean Hewes : 2010

Deborah Hewes
Special thanks for Chris & Martin came from Australia who used our pick up services in Cambodia from 11th - 13th December 2010 and visited our supporting school and donated 100 US dollar to buy Diesel for our Power Generator to start computers. I , Teachers and students would like to pray for God to bless you and family to meet all happiness and the best health.


Hi Mr. Sowanna …

I just wanted to say thank you for taking good care of us during this past week in Siem Reap. I really enjoy your friendship and of course Cambodia overall. I am looking forward to receiving an update on the progress and location in your village where you will be setting up the new well for the village

When you design the sign for the fresh-water well, please use the following information:

Sponsor: Rick Yakabowich

From: Yorkton , Saskatchewan , Canada (the name of my home town and province)

I will be very proud to have my family name on the sign.

I am also thinking about how I can help your school. Once the well is set-up and in full operation and you have the sign finished also, I will arrange another trip to Cambodia soon and we can discuss more details about what else I can do to support you and your village.

Bye for now my good friend !

Best regards … and take good care Mr. Sowanna.

Rick ( http://www.scotiabank.com/cda/index/0,,LIDen_SID19,00.html )

Special thank to family - Rick Yakabowich came from Canada who donated the 3 Clean Water pumps for Cambodian family. I and villagers would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.
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