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I promise to show you the real Cambodia in a fun, safe and affordable fashion. My reputation has been built on over 20 years experience designing tours that highlight the best cultural, historic and outdoor features of my country.

Please take a look at my website and contact me if you would like to schedule my services.

Or-kun! ( thank you in Cambodia! ).

Your Dreams Can Become Reality In Cambodia

The best way to see everyday life as well as the special sights in Cambodia is to arrange a guide.

They take the hassle out of getting around and explain the detail of the temples and the sights. They also have insight having lived and worked as a local. The guide we had was really great and he helped us to maximise our time in Cambodia by taking us to our prefered list of temples along with offering us a chance to experience Cambodian life. He gave us great choices, noticed when we were hot or tired and offered us options. He took great photos which allowed us to soak up the experience. I would highly recommend this guided tour option. www.cambodianguide.com

Special thanks to Pam Jackson & Ralph Cornford came from Australia who pick up our services in Cambodia on 19 - 22 October 2009. More Info. : http://pamincambodia.blogspot.com/


Sowanna was an excellent guide for our trip to Siem Reap, March 20 through 25th, 2011.  He and his driver picked us up at the airport beginning our tour with a trip to the "floating village" and dropping us off at our hotel, then following up each day of our time in Siem Reap with a fantastic tour of many Temples in the area.  It was all well organized and Sowanna was able to give us a lot of historical information about Siem Reap and the Temples.  It was all a fascinating experience.  While guide sites tell you that they can supply you with English speaking guides, we found in over-hearing many of them while out and about they were in no way as proficient as Sowanna.  He is well educated about the history of his country and is a pleasure to be with.  He is also an excellent photographer making sure that we didn't miss opportunities for him to take photos of us and the ruins we were visiting.  We had to skip a couple of his planned destinations because we opted to quit earlier on some of the days he planned for us.  He was totally flexible with our wishes and fully accommodating which made our time there even better. On the day we left Cambodia he picked us up at the hotel and dropped us back at the airport.  It was all very easy and interesting and we highly recommend Sowanna as a tour guide when you are in Siem Reap.

More Info:

"DAVID CRANDALL" mogdriver@gmail.com


I recently spent 17 days in Asia and one of the highlights of my trip was my time in Siem Reap with Sowanna.

He is so knowledgable in the history of his country and the many temples we visited.  As a 75-year old single traveler, Sowanna treated me like a member of his family, always helping me up and down the steep steps of the temples, taking photos of me for my children in the temples, making sure I had cold water to drink (it was very, very hot) and paying for lunches to get the local prices rather than tourists. Without his guidance, sense of humor and many kindnesses, my time in Siem Reap would have suffered greatly.  Thanks again Sowanna!

Mrs. Shirley Maranda ( United States 2010 )


Dear Sowanna,
Thank you for writing us and I apologize for the delay in writing you back. Getting back to regular life at home has been a little hectic after being away for several weeks.
We want to thank you for showing us your beautiful country. We had the most wonderful time with you as our guide touring around Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat area. The temples that we visited were like nothing we've ever seen. The history of the area and of your country continues to amaze us.
Your tour services were excellent, always being on time to pick us up and going the extra mile to make sure we had a good time. Even when your car broke down, you still picked us up to see the sunrise by taking a tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat. Attached are photos of us at Angkor Wat taken after we watched the sunrise and a couple photos of you. 

 We especially enjoyed the times we were able to interact with local Khmer people, like when we saw how palm sugar is made, how families prepare for a wedding, seeing local people fish, and drinking palm drink from the bicycle vendor at Banteay Srei. You even went out of your way one evening to take us to the local market to find and taste local delicacies, like fried tarantulas. We enjoyed that experience immensely. John also thanks you for finding fresh durian for him, though I could have done with out that
While our stay in Siem Reap was very short, we had an experience of a lifetime, thanks to you and your knowledge of the area and its history. We do regret that our trip itinerary did not allow us to visit your English school. But we hope to come back to Cambodia again someday soon to visit your school and other parts of the country. When we do come back again, we will be sure to contact you.

We have told all of our friends and family what a wonderful country Cambodia is and what wonderful tour services you provide. We hope that they will take our advice and visit Cambodia and see for themselves.
Please keep in touch and let us know of your older son's plans to continue his studies at university.
Best wishes to you and your family.
Julia Yuan and John Compton. ( USA  ) 27 - 30 Jan.2011

Dear Sowanna,
It is now almost one year since I visited your wonderful country. You were my eyes and my ears and introduced me to everything Cambodia has to offer to the western tourist.
You were a kind and extremely knowledgeable guide and I had a wonderful time in your country. I have shown my photographs to many friends here and all have been very impressed. Obviously the Angkor Wat sites impressed but, more than that, some of the shots we have of the real people of Cambodia, their life by the river, etc have had a big effect on my friends.I will be very happy to return to Cambodia in the next few years. It is a tourist destination without compare and I plan to return soon. Needless to say, when I do return, you will be my guide.
Kindest regards,
John Butterworth


Many thanks to Cambodian Guide : Sowanna
We travelled to Siem Reap last November (we are a couple).
Before travelling, and according to other reviews  read here, decided on a personal guide to help us around siem reap (we were travelling from Lisbon to London, London to K. Lumpur, and from there to Siem Reap), staying only two days.
Before departure, we contacted, by e-mail, severel private guides, in order to stablish a tour, suited to our needs, as well as get quotations.
Well, he received several answers back, but, without a doubt, the most professional one was the chosen one: Mr. Sowanna Yun (
We could not ask for more. It started with the fact that we, on the survey e-mails sent, we mentioned that we were arriving at 10 o\'clock in the morning, and wanted to start seing things on that day.
Sowanna was the only guide that actually read the e-mail, so his purposal was to pick us up in the airport, taking us to hotel, for check in, etc, and not, as we saw in other guides: \"sunrise at 5 oテつエclock in the morning\"...
His answer, besides being the fastest one, was the best.
During our tour Mr. Sowanna was not late not even once, and not even a minute.
Even if we decided to sleep an hour after lunch, he would wait for us at the reception.
We managed to visit a lot of temples during our 2 days stay... exactly the ones we wanted, and at the best times (Sowanna knows the hours to see every temple, so we are always able to visit when there are fewer people there - we have lots of photos in which you see no one...).
Also, he knows how to take pictures - always checking for the best angles - and he has no problems in sending everyone else off the site... just to take a picture of you... alone! lol
It is also good to mention that he carries, in his car, lots of refrigerated water, that is kept fresh throughtout the day, with massives amounts of ice, and that he is always offering to you - included on the price.
As it is too hot, Mr. Sowanna is always making sure that you catch the cold air from the car\'s A/C.
One other thing that was important to us, was that not even once the guide tried to take us to the \"comission shops\". The only visit to an artisans centre was replaced by sleeping hours, without any complaint from Mr. Sowanna.
With him, our experience was the best of all.
Just enough words, just enough temples, just enough explanations, and we honestly believe our journey would not have been the same if we had other guide.
And, believe me, although we are experienced travellers, we did not know what we were going to find.
Keeping it short -
www.cambodianguide.com  - Mr. Sowanna Yun, in fact the only guide in Cambodja.
In case you have some specific questions, please contact us.
Greetings from PORTUGAL!

From:  Tel. 351937405723


Dear Sowanna

Thank you again for your lovely email and beautiful blessings.
I thought afterwards that I should have copied you into the email I sent Our Explorer.
I will paste a copy to this for you to read:
Hello Jean
I would love to recommend Sowanna.
We had an excellent day with him, he was a thoroughly intelligent and knowledgeable guide.
He went to a great deal of trouble to arrange a schedule which would allow us to see as much as possible within in 1 day, whilst also avoiding the midday heat and inevitable tourist queues.
He had an extensive knowledge of the history and culture of Cambodia and was able to answer any questions we had with confidence.
It was very useful to have email contact with him prior to arriving in Cambodia and in that way to tailor make the itinerary exactly to our requirements.
I would encourage anyone looking for a guide to use Sowanna, I am sure they will be as impressed as we were.
Kindest regards
Jane Savill

I hope you are well Sowanna and that you have a wonderful year ahead.
Blessings to you and all your family.

Best wishes from us all, Jane, Brett, Annice and Zachary


We recently visited Cambodia and hired Sowanna Yun as our guide to show us around the Angkor temples. The services he provided were of the utmost

standard in terms of reliability, knowledge, organization, customer service and character. Not only did Sowanna impart his indepth knowledge to us, he also enabled us a broader view of Cambodian culture. We organized with Sowanna via email and he was quick to reply and very keen to help plan our
stay in Siem Reap. He is very charsimatic and good natural person with outstanding English. If you would like to talk to us personally, please contact Sowanna for our email address.
James & Elise,
Australia, 2010

I don't think I am saying anything different to what other people have said already. Angkor Wat and it's related temples are simply breath taking to behold. It is an experience that everyone should do.

We did the temples in one day which while it can be done, is still very gruelling. Our guide was Sowanna and he was fabulous and we cannot recommend him enough. He took his time explaining everything to us in easy to understand language. However, we knew our guide was superior to everyone else when we encountered a Canadian tourist who had collapsed during his tour. There were so many people standing around him including his tour guide and no one was doing anything for him
 As soon as Sowanna saw the situation he completely took over and started massaging him to get his circulation going and he ordered one of the security guards to call an ambulance. He was very authoritative and competent and everyone there was grateful that he was around.
So I think it is important to have a good guide, but I would also confidently recommend Sowanna because you will be in good hands in the event of an emergency. His contact details are: and his website is http://www.cambodianguide.com

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2010


I visited Cambodia with my wife Nadya in August 2009. Before our travel I found a local guide, Mr. Sowanna Yun, on the Internet (--). He helped me to figure out the itinerary for our 8 days in Cambodia and booked hotels ( Phnom Penh Hotel ) in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap ( Tara Angkor Hotel ). Both hotels were booked for suprisingly low rate; later on Sowanna told me that the hotels give a huge discount if you book through the guide, as he has a special agreement with them.
 Cambodia is a country of my dream, and we decided not only to visit Angkor, but also to see some sites off the beaten path, such as temples South of Phnom Penh,
Sambor Prei Kuk and Preah Vihear (the last one also Unesco Heritage site had just listed). Our flight from Moscow was through Doha, Qatar, and then Bangkok. The weather is August wasn't too hot, actually, it was like an average NYC summer.

But it was rainy, at times. Our guide Sowanna did his job amazingly well, was always on time, was very honest,supportive and accommodating to our desires and needs. He knows the history of his country very well. By my experience, you definitely need a guide in Cambodia, especially if you go to locations outside of Siem Reap and do not speak Khmer.

Phnom Penh gives an impression of a very poor, dirty, and at times shady city; I'd not recommend walking unaccompanied outside Sisowath Queue and the area around the Royal Palace. Thanks to Sowanna, we didnt have to walk around much, as he also provides a car with a driver. WE saw all main Phnom Penh attractions, namely:
 1. Royal Palace - interesting Thai/Cambodian-style complex of XIX century.
 2 Tuol Sleng - former Khmer Rouge prison - delapidated walls, barbed wire, a lot of fotos of prisoners and their guards,
 3 Vat Phnom - not too impressive, modern monastery, but important historical and religious sight. A lot of monkeys on the temple site.
 4. Independent monument and the monument of Cambodian-Vietnamese friendship (the friendship which in reality does not exist)
 5. National Museum - by far the most interesting places in the capital, with fine examples of Khmer sculpture and metal work.
We spent one day traveling South in the direction of Cambodian-Vietnamese border. Here you can see several beautiful temples, less frequented by tourists:
1.Phnom Chisor, the ruined 11th-century temple. You have to climb up 420 steps to reach the ruins! - and (besides ruins themselves) you will be rewarded by the beautiful view on the fields stretching far away to Vietnamese border.
 2. Prasat Neang Khmao - small but charming rarely visited temple. It is not very impressive, maybe, and badly looted, but has its own charisma.
 3. Tonle Bati - the site of well preserved and very beautiful Ta Prohm Kel temple. It has some very unusual bas-reliefs - read a guide book or ask Sowanna about their meaning!
 Also South of Phnom Penh is Killing Field memorial - a pagoda filled with skulls of victims of Pol Pot regime. To be continued.

Dmitry and Nadya. http://wild-forever.livejournal.com/


Hi Sowanna, Ian is traveling at the moment so I offered to respond to your last email. The memories of our trip will remain with us for a very long time. We all enjoyed our
short time in Cambodia, made all the more special with your guidance and help.
Thank you for arranging the water pumps so promptly. We were very glad to be able to help in this way. Please keep in touch, probably better to contact me as Ian travels frequently. We would like to help more in the future, so let's keep in touch to see how that can be arranged.
Best regards
Ian & Susan Baron
Special thank for family - Ian & Susan Baron came from United Arab Emirate who donated the 2 Clean Water pumps for Cambodian family. I and villagers would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.

Hi Sowanna,
That is fine that you used the money for a house instead of the books/pens.  You would know best how to help your people.
I would highly recommend Sowanna as a tour guide in the Siem Reap area.  He was always prompt and reliable, his driver and van were very solid, his prices reasonable, and he was very knowledgeable.
Sowanna efficiently lead us through as many sites as we wanted to see.  He was conscious that our pace was good for all, with breaks as needed.  We covered extensively that region in 3 days with him. 
He was flexible and had a very nice way about him.  He was trustworthy and easy to be with for long periods.
He cares for the people of Cambodia, and helps facilitate their rise towards their middle class by helping them help themselves.  He treats everyone with respect, but provides outsiders an understanding of the everyday life for typical Cambodians with peeks into their housing, yards, foods, villages, schools, etc.
All our best to Sowanna Yun!



Dear Sowanna,

I would like to thank you so much for making our third trip to Siem Reap such a memorable experience! 

Arriving in wet season gave us a completely different experience to when we have visited before in the dry season.  We love Siem Reap and the Cambodian people and were eager to share this experience with my parents, Ted and Elaine, who have not travelled in South East Asia at all.  Since my Fathers retirement my parents have travelled extensively around the world many times, so when they said that they loved their holiday in Cambodia they do this from a well travelled experience.

Your kindness towards them and especially your attention to my mother to make sure she was safe while climbing over the temples made their holiday experience even more special.  They enjoyed your stories and friendly conversation and I am sure they will be writing to tell you this very soon. The highlight of my time in Cambodia was visiting your home village and seeing the school you support to teach children English.  My son, Sean, will definitely consider returning to help teach if this is possible, and I am already looking for more teaching resources and reading books for the school.

We are already thinking about returning to Cambodia again as there is still so much we can see and learn.   

Thank you so much for making this holiday such a terrific experience for all of us and I have already recommended your services to my friends here in Singapore.

Best wishes

Deborah, Don and Sean Hewes : 2010

Deborah Hewes
Deborah on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=542819&id=666325496&fbid=10150299080885497
Special thanks for family - Daborah Hewes came from Australia who used our services ( 9th - 13th October 2010) and donated US$100 and 400 reading books in English for Home Stay Volunteer Teachers Organisation. I , students, teachers and community would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.
I spent the 2010 new year's weekend (actually only one and a half days) in Seim Reap visiting the Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. The experience was fantastic, thanks to the incredible organization of my guide Sowannna Yun (www.cambodianguide.com).
We managed to cover the Angkor Wat complex, the Bayon Temple, the Tha Prohm temple while I was there. I admit that this is not enough time to appreciate the full beauty of this magnificent area, but if you only have a weekend to spare, it would still be worth your while. Ideally, I would spend about 4 or 5 days in and around Siem Reap. My local guide, Sowanna Yun, made my trip possible. He took me around in an air conditioned car (he also has access to motorbikes and tuk-tuks). His connections allowed us to drive into places where other cars (except police) were prohibited - this saved a lot of time and I got to see a lot of extra stuff. His English is very understandable; his knowledge of Cambodia history and the significance of the temple carvings/statues was amazing; and he knew exactly what
pictures to take. I simply gave him my flight itinerary before I left to Cambodia, and Sowanna booked my hotel and arranged my whole weekend.
Unfortunately, I suffered from mild sunstroke on my first afternoon. Sowanna came with me to the hospital and waited to make sure I was okay. If it wasn't for him, my trip really would have been ruined

Finding a Trustworthy Guide in Cambodia
My latest trip to Cambodia was an absolute pleasure, and many thanks goes to my Cambodian Guide, Mr. Sowanna Yun ( http://www.cambodianguide.com  ). "Wanna" speaks Khmer, Thai and English. He is very knowledgeable about the history of Cambodia and Angkor Wat,  as well as all of the ruins throughout the region.Wanna arranged every aspect of our recent trip, and it went off without a hitch. I found him to be honest and helpful, and he went out of his way to make our trip the best it could be.
I now consider him a friend and can't wait until our next trip there in 2009. Wanna has already started planning that trip for us, and I can't wait to reunite with him for another great adventure.
More Info.  http://seaexplorer.blogspot.com


Wanna - The Greatest Tour Guide in Cambodia. Kelly recommended this tour guide to me 3 weeks before we left for Cambodia.  After few

correspondences with him via email, WANNA (aka Yun Wanna) officially became our tour guide for the temple visiting.I wonder if it is due to the female-dominant culture or the mindset of a traditional Cambodian, he was surprised when he found out it was a She (instead of a Guy) who sent him the emails during our first meet up in Le Tigre De Papie. He guided us for 4 days,including the trip to Angkor City (3-days), Beng Mealea temple and Tonle Sap Lake. Besides telling good legends, he is good in taking photographs, he knows which angle or poses are the best to portray the magnificent view of the tourist spots.
To be frank, I have never meet any impressive tour guide in my life. Wanna is the first who change my stereotype on a tour guide. I remember how he guided us along the journey, I respect his professionalism and passion into his guiding job, I remember how he cheered me up on the second day of the temple visiting, I remember how he called me 'philip, philip...' throughout the journey...WANNA, we appreaciate all your efforts. As a tour guide, you have done a great job. You are the best companion of our trip!! Some says:"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going", YES!! The challenges and the hardships that we encountered and passed through along the journey will defnitely become one of the utmost traveling in our life!!
More Info. :  http://jimuisss.blogspot.com/2009/03/wanna-greatest-tour-guide-in-cambodia.html

Dear Mr. Sowanna,
We want to thank you for making our trip to Siem Reap so memorable. The itinerary you organized for us was perfect.
Your knowledge of the history of the region is amazing. We especially enjoyed your descriptions of the legends behind all of the detail work on the walls of the temples. You held our attention every minute. Thank you too for all of the photos you took.  We will have many memories from those photos.
It was a great pleasure meeting you.  We have already recommended your services to several of our friends.
Best regards,
Gary and Margaret : email :
Canada 2010
Special thanks for Gary and Margaret who used our services from 22nd - 25th October 2010.


Hello Sowanna

I wish to thank you so much for making our trip to Siem Reap a very pleasurable experience. As both my wife Elaine and I are getting on in age I was most impressed at the way you took special care to address your presentations to my wife and the way you ensured her safety as we walked about the temples where often the way was difficult for elderly people to negotiate.

This was our first visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia and it proved to be a very enjoyable one primarily due top the very friendly demeanor of all the Cambodian citizens we met who were universally friendly and happy. The abundance of young and beautiful children often selling trinkets to us was a special pleasure. One is used in Asiancountries to being presented with poor people  begging, in Cambodia we saw nothing of this which was very reassuring. For me in particular, the highlight of the trip was visiting your home village to see the circumstance many village people live in with income levels as low as $200.00US a year and seeing the school you support to teach children English  which you correctly identify as an important means by which they can rise beyond their village circumstance.

What you have achieved is very significant and very commendable.
Kind regards  from
Elaine and Ted Pickering
  : Australia, Sydney 2010



I had the most pleasant experience with Sowanna yun, as my tourist guide.
He has exceeded my expectations.  He is very knowledgeable and a very good photographer, who knows exactly when to snap a shot, he is very truthful about his services and is very kind to all people. I am highly recommending Sowanna as a guide to anybody who goes to Siem Reap, Cambodia.
It was a dream come true and more. I have uploaded a lot of pictures in my Facebook
account. kindly check it out:  Mrs. Marissa Langseth : United States 2010

After doing much search on the Internet and asking friends for recommendations we contacted the Cambodian Guide (www.cambodianguide.com) to be our guide during our 5 day trip to Siem Reap Dec. 2009.
It was the best decision we took! Sowanna Yun was most knowledgeable and friendly. Every email I sent to him was promptly replied. Our flight out was delayed one day due to heavy snow but Sowanna rearranged everything right away and kept me informed of all the changes by email and by SMS. When we finally arrived in Siem Reap there was our Tuk Tuk driver, a lovely man called Vanna, waiting for us to take us to see the floating village at Tonle Sap Lake.
The next day we were picked up punctually at 5 am to see Angkor Wat at sunrise. It’s a most breathtaking sight when you first see the silhouette of the 5 towers and the reflection in the water (of the pond in front of Angkor Wat) against the sky as the day becomes lighter and brighter. It was a magical moment and it surpassed all my expectations! The next two days were spent visiting various different temples, like Angkor Thon, Banyon, Ta Phrom with many gigantic trees with powerful roots that coil around the ancient stone slabs like a huge cobras, waiting to become alive!
We were very interested in visiting the charity project that Sowanna supports, Home Stay Volunteer Teacher Org. www.hvto.org , so we ask Sowanna to take us there.  It’s a project that teaches 2 villages English after school or work. It’s located about 40 km from Siem Reap, on the way to Bang Melea Temple. We stopped at a market to pick up lots of notebooks and pencils for the children. Basically HVTO, initiated by Sim Piseth, a young Cambodian guide in his 20s, built 3 classrooms next to a primary school to teach English to any villager who wishes to learn. Currently they have about 600 pupils (children, adults, monks) and the classes are held throughout the day.
The children were very enthusiastic and eager learners, they also had very neatly written notebooks! We were amazed by their beautiful handwriting, in both Khmer and English.
A competent and energetic young Australian lawyer was teaching on the day we visited; she was being assisted by a Khmer speaking Cambodian teacher as well. She told us that the pupils are very keen, but the days are too short so classes have to stop around 5:30 pm due to darkness. The village doesn’t have electricity, and the school doesn’t have power generator to charge batteries for lighting. She also told us that many basic things, like toothbrush, tooth paste, soaps, flip flops, are luxury items, so she’s organising a donation of lots of toothbrushes so the children will have nice healthy teeth.
This visit was the second highlight of our visit as it made us understand how everyone of us could help by contributing just a little time and/or money to solve some very basic things in life.  HVTO is a most worthy project and we have decided to work with Sowanna to help it grow; the next item on the list is a power generator so they can have light and learn in the evenings as well.
A last note, we loved being driven around by our Tuk Tuk driver, Vanna. He was always punctual and smiling! He took us to a simple restaurant that served delicious Cambodian food! We could have gone there for every meal. He also took us to Healthy Hands for a 4-hand oil massage. Pure bliss! On the last day Vanna took us to the airport and we were very sad to leave him and beautiful Cambodia!
For now all our best wishes and blessings to you! We miss Cambodia! Susi, Jakob and my mother Lee
Lee Chi-Chin
From the province of Hunan, 湖南

Special thank to family - Susi Ma, Jakob and mother Lee who donated the power generator for our supporting school in English language. I ,teachers,students and community would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever


Hello. Mr Sowanna,
We are back to our work today. Matt and I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance through Cambodia. This was our first holiday together and the effort that you went to and the guidance that you gave over the eight days will remain in our hearts and our memories for a very very long long time. My most memorable time was at the school with the children. I will always remember them.
Both Matt and I are very busy over the next few weeks so please give us time to write on the blog sites.  We want to set up some links to other travel sites as well to make sure that you get get very good recommendations.   I can write something for you straight away about information on how  ladies should dress for the temples and the Palace.
When traveling to Cambodia it is important to respect the culture and traditions of the Cambodian people. Females, for most of the temples and sites will be able to wear shorts and tanks tops. However there are two places where you MUST dress modestly as a female. The upper level of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and the Kings Palace in Phnom Phen. Please wear pants or skirts that pass the knees and shoulders must be covered.

The Palace requires a female to cover her shoulders and legs. A shoulder wrap is NOT accepted in the Palace. I recommend that you wear a light linen pant and blouse. The weather is always hot so you must feel comfortable. Comfortable flat walking shoes are also recommended. All of the walking through Angkor Wat and most of Siem Reap is on dirt roads. Please keep this in mind when choosing footwear. I wish for you to be comfortable and happy when visiting Cambodia beautiful country.   I hope that this will help your tour guide site. Mr Sowanna and his family are in our thoughts
Matt and Karen, Australia 2010

Dear Mr Sowanna,

I write to express my appreciation for the wonderful time that my family and I had on our trip to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat).
It was made especially enjoyable due to your services as a Guide. We were able to cover all the significant sights in 2 days. Your description of the temple architecture in simple English made it easy for all of us to understand and appreciate without getting bored.
Special mention for your photographic skills and knowledge of all the strategic locations to take pictures which resulted in some fantastic shots. Thanks once again for the most memorable trip.
Mahender and family.
I will be writing a review in other websites
 and hope it will attract more tourists to use your services.
(Kualalumpur, Malaysia)
Sent using BlackBerry

Email address : Mahender.Viswanath1@sc.com

website : www.scopeinternational-kl.com
Mahender V
Standard Chartered Bank


Hi there dear travelers.

I have traveled to Cambodia with bunch of my friends from Ukraine and USA in Nov-2007.  My friend from Jamaica went there few months earlier and recommended to use services of local guide Sowanna Yun (his website: www.cambodianguide.com ). Sowanna provided excellent services and booked for this great hotel for our group (eight people). Location was great; you can walk couple blocks to local market. T-shirts, clothe, souvenirs are very cheap. Hotel has excellent pool with wet-bar.  Rooms are specious and hotel itself looks very nice with traditional Cambodian decoration.  Staff was very friendly.  We had top floor room with small balcony overlooking the pool area.  We had only one small issue– my friend ordered vine in pool bar and it was not

 good – probably bottle was opened for too long.  However, we called manager and he immediately brought new bottle and opened in front of us. Something I would like to share. I’ve booked this hotel with our Cambodian guide Sowanna Yun who actually organized out entire trip in Cambodia.  It worked very well – since he has some special discount / deal with this hotel, we paid for all his services including airport transfers cheaper than I would be able to arrange if I book and pay directly to hotel. Additionally, he is really knowledgeable guide and has
excellent experience in photography.  I actually gave him one of ours photo camera and he was taking great pictures of us and was advising on location and angle to get our own shots perfect.   Yun planned Angkor Wat itinerary so we visit most beautiful sites when they were least crowded.  He also organized hot-air-balloon trip to see sun-rise for us, again, with discount.

Overall our trip to Cambodia went very well. I have taken tons of pictures and post them at my personal web-site: www.leshko.com (sea Cambodia album).   We were there only 3 days – this was way to short.  I certainly recommend staying there longer – allocate at least full 3 days for Angkor Wat, and 2 days to sea floating village; add more days to explore Cambodians other beautiful places. "


I and my group (altogether 5 women) spent 5 days in Cambodia. We arranged our program in advance with Sowanna and he booked for us an excellent hotel as we agreed on it.

Our trip was excellent and memorable thank to our guide to Sowanna. He’s a very talented, experienced guide so we could rely on him every time. He’s very flexible and accomplised all of our wishes. For example On the way to Beng Melea – to a distant but a very interesting and intact  place – we realized in a village that a wedding ceremony was held and as we were interested, Sowanna arranged for us to participate ont he ceremony and to take photos there. These was a magical moment for us. He knows well every monument and buildings he could show us the best places for taking photos. He could show us the most interesting places among the historical places and int he villages too.

Our bus was always very clean and we got cool fresh water every day in the bus during the trip. He took us restaurants where we could ate safe and healthy food. It’s also very important.

So, I could recommend to everybody to take their visit to Cambodia with Sowanna. If anybody need any information about him or about our travel, please feel free to write me: zelko.csilla@mkb.hu or csillogo11@gmail.com

Dear Sowanna, I hope you are satisfied with my testimony. I wish you all the best and good luck in your job and private life too.

Best regards,




Hi Mr. Sowanna,

sorry for this late reply.
we enjoyed the trip very much under Mr. Sowanna's service. it was good to see those ancient temples. and also the interesting stories behind every carving on the temples.

regarding the school, I was thinking maybe it's better to spend the money on things like books or equipment for student's daily use , instead of paving up the ground area. because we all actually grow up from the small village surrounding by the similar natural environment also, and we found normally it is the natural surrounding(tree, grass, sand) that really helps in a child's development. however, i know Mr.sowanna and the school teachers know what is best for the kids.we were happy looking at the teachers and students. thanks Mr. sowanna brought us there,given us a chance to donate some in helping them.
If I am going Cambodia again next time, I will contact Mr. sowanna again for sure.
thanks a lot, hereby attached a photo of us taken by Mr.sowanna.
( orkun. thank you )
chao ling and friends. (  Malaysia 2010

Special thanks for Chao Ling group came from Malaysia who donated US$100 for Home Stay Volunteer Teachers Organisation. I , students, teachers and community would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your group to meet all happiness and good health and all the bests.

Hi. Sowanna,We arrived back OK to Thailand.I have sent some photos for you

I would like to thank you once again for a fantactic holiday, you really made it very memorable for us all. I will be in touch and I already have some friends who will use your services when they come for a holiday to Cambodia.
May God bless you and your famil ..CHOCK DEE KA X


Dear Sowanna,
How are you? First of all we would like to thank you for your time and helpful guidance during the days we spent in Siem reap. We really enjoy our time there.

I  attached 2 pictures that we took together so you can always remember you first tour with people from Chile! 2010

Dear Mr. Wanna,
Our trip to Cambodia was amazing.  We learned so much about your country, both past and present, in just three short days.

It felt like we were in another world, one so rich with history, both glorious and spiritual, yet a recent history so incredibly painful. Irene and I both felt a great deal of respect for you, Mr. Bunto and the Cambodian people for how  you and your country are pulling themselves out of a difficult time and making the best of the great things you have: your temples, your forests and lakes, your culture and most of all, the beauty of the people from deep within.  I would like to thank you and Mr. Bunto for all of the incredible knowledge you shared with us, but also your personal stories, your opinions and your observations.
Thank you for not only helping to give us a great tourist experience, but also a great human experience.  Visiting Cambodia was the highlight of our two week Songkran holiday.  Thank you for sharing your life, your history and your culture with us.
Again, thank you for making our trip so rich.
Maryan Cerina,:
From:  Canada 2009



Dear Sowanna,

Charles and I had a wonderful 4 days in Siem Reap.  You made our visit to Angkor Wat very, very special.  Thank you for sharing with us your passion, thoughts, and deep knowledge of history, religion and culture.  Angkor Wat came alive for us in many ways.  You should be very proud of this national treasure.  We will always remember our visit to Siem Reap.

We will certainly recommend you to our friends.  Please use me as a reference for others who wish to consider your guiding services.

If you ever travel to Boston in the future someday, please let us know.  We would be honored to host you and your wife as our guests.  Charles sends his warmest regards and appreciation.

Wishing you many blessings in your life,

Tamara & Charles

, Boston, USA


Dear Sowanna,
I am back in America and want to thank you for your expert guide services. The itinerary you planned was perfect, including allowing for "nap time" during the hottest part of the day. Your advice for restaurants and things to do and see in the evenings without was also wonderful. And the photos you took using my camera are amazing!

I will return to Cambodia in the future and I can only hope that you will be available.
I wish you the best.
Val Sawhill
Bradenton, Florida USA


See Angkor Wat with the Cambodian Guide

In December my husband and I spent five nights in the fun town of Siem Reap, but of course the great attraction was Angkor Wat. We bought three-day temple passes and hired a local guide, Sowanna Yun (www.cambodianguide.com).

His English is good and knowledge of Buddhism, Hinduism and Khmer history is extensive. He related many interesting, and sometimes amusing, anecdotes about the carvings.

Sowanna knew the best times to visit (we even had some places to ourselves) and took some great photos of us. He was prompt, professional and accommodating. I have some mobility restrictions but my husband is fitter and able to scramble up steep steps. Sowanna ensured we both experienced Angkor Wat to the best of our capabilities. We also appreciated the air-conditioned car with driver and icy cold water and towelettes.


Sowanna is also a caring, charitable person and a highlight was being taken to the village school he supports. It was delightful to meet the children who are so keen to learn.

Special thanks to  Chris & Martin,
I, teachers, Piseth and students and community in Sreth & Sophy and other villages around would like to thank for your generosity and donation amount US$100 for battery to start our Power Generator to open computers again. Our Power Generator has been stopped 2 days ago , because our battery is broken. I will give your donation in US$100 for community leader tomorrow morning on 14th December 2010 to buy a new battery.
- We are all would like to pray for God to bless you and your wife to return from Cambodia with safety and the best health.


backtrack: cambodia tourism plug.

i promised my tour-guide i'd put on my blog more about his services to promote the tourism industry in siem reap---in light of christmas and i'm 2 months late---here it is!

this is long overdue because i've mainly blogged about the humanitarian aspect---but siem reap itself is a city of hidden treasures and breathtaking sites.

Sowanna Yun was an awesome tour-guide we found off his website: http://www.cambodianguide.com/

his cousin Hong Lee was also our driver throughout the trip

prior tourists had great reviews so i emailed him and he quoted us with a

per day rate $25-30USD/person per day

with a customized itinerary, driver, and air-conditioned Toyota Camry.

He was very knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy and accommodated to all of our requests (including a 3:45am hotel pick-up for the sunrise)

---he also speaks great English, thai, and khmer.

some are wary of safety in cambodia, but besides land mines (which we saw no signs of) there was no point where i felt unsafe.

More information on Amy Wang`s website : http://akmybee.xanga.com/718261255/backtrack-cambodia-tourism-plug/
Dear Sowanna,

Thank you for taking good care of us during our recent trip from 17th to 20th May 2010 in Siem Reap! 
Our 4 days in Siem Reap was truly an eye-opener , especially for Joelle and myself , both city dwellers who live in Singapore, surrounded by the concrete Jungles and busy city life. The wide open space and smooth traffic on the roads was a welcoming difference, compared to the heavy traffic that we face everyday!
The 3 day tour was very enjoyable and your Ice-cold drinks and wet towels definitely helped to cool us down in the heat! Like you always like to say :" WoOOoo!"
Luckily Your car was airconditioned!
Joelle and myself were very amazed by the ancient heritage left in Angkor Wat , Angkor Thom, Pre Rup Temple , Bayon Temple etc! My favourite temple is Bayon Temple! I was amazed by the ancient architecture and impressed at how the kings just had to order for the temples to be built and thousands of workers would work to get

these temples beautifully carved out of stone! And in those days.. How is it possible? Simply Amazing!
Thanks to your good photography skills and you knowing where to get great shots through great angles, we took 900+ photographs in 4 days! It also helps that it was only 2 of us!
At the end of each day, I remember we looked forward to going back to our Hotel ( Somadevi Angkor), for a good shower and rest! I must say your hotel rates are very worthwhile and its really a good deal! 
All in all, we enjoyed our Cambodia trip and I am grateful that you took such good care of us during those 4 days.
We wish you good luck and hope that Cambodia will prosper!
From Marcus & Joelle :
Singapore 2010

Написав несколько писем, я узнал, что на сайте http://www.cambodianguide.com можно узнать все подробности о стране, о памятниках архитектуры,
древних храмах, религии и истории, а также о стоимости гостинниц и дополнительных услугах. Так как моя поездка была ограничена во времени, было принято решение воспользоваться услугами этого гида и автомобилем с водителем. Кстати, Если вы едете компанией, например 4-8 человек, то тогда можно заказать микроавтобус с водителем, а если больше - не вопрос забронировать большой автобус на группу. При этом стоимость в расчёте на одного человека будет совсем смешной

More Info. : http://svirepij.livejournal.com/tag/kampuchea

Special thanks to Pavel and Regina who used our pick up services in Cambodia and posted many pictures of Cambodia.


Dear Sowanna,

Charles and I had a wonderful 4 days in Siem Reap.  You made our visit to Angkor Wat very, very special.  Thank you for sharing with us your passion, thoughts, and deep knowledge of history, religion and culture.  Angkor Wat came alive for us in many ways.  You should be very proud of this national treasure.  We will always remember our visit to Siem Reap.

We will certainly recommend you to our friends.  Please use me as a reference for others who wish to consider your guiding services.

If you ever travel to Boston in the future someday, please let us know.  We would be honored to host you and your wife as our guests.  Charles sends his warmest regards and appreciation.

Wishing you many blessings in your life,

Tamara & Charles

, Boston, USA


Dear Sowanna,

So sorry for the late reply but we just got back from some more traveling that we had to do.

We had a wonderful time in Siem Reap and I think that your help and guidance was in valuable. Cambodia would not have meant so much if not for your detailed explanations into the history and mythology of the temples. 

We are definitely going to recommend you to all our friends and relatives.
Thanks so much once again. We are still working on the album and I will send it to you as soon as it is ready. We have some nice pictures of you too. :)

Take care.


-Poojya and Prasanna (India) 2010 ( 


Hello Mr Wanna

Thank you so much for your emails. The trip my sister and I had
with you in Cambodia is one I will never forget.I have attached  a nice photo for you. Do you remember that I bought a musical instrument from a vendor? It is made of wood and is played with a bow. Do you know the name of it? I just can't remember. Anyway, thank you again for a wonderful trip, and I hope we see you again sometime


Irene Brinkman

Canada ( irenebrinkman@gmail.com )
Hi. Wanna,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I had a great time on the visit two weeks ago
We really enjoyed your tour of Siem Reap and the Angkor temples. In particular, it was great to hear your perspective on Cambodia's history and its relations with your
neighboring countries. Cambodia has survived some incredible challenges, and it sounds like there are more to come.

I'd love to stay in touch -- best of luck in the future.

Jason Bhardwaj


Hi Sowanna,

We've back to Malaysia.
Just wanna let you know that this is a very great experience of mine to travel around Siem Reap, I know very little about Cambodia until Chris told me a bit about her first time visit to Cambodia, and I know pretty much about it right now, especially those temples which are really really amazing,
I saw a lot of pictures before on books/magazine/Internet but it's very very different when I stand inside the temples, it's so alive! Also, 4 days is really not enough, I wish I could stay longer, hee... :-D
And so sorry to keep changing the schedule at very last minute,

I'm looking forward to visit Cambodia again, perhaps Phnom Pehn and Tonle Sap lake, and of course the Angkor Wat again! Now I need to arrange and filter the photos we took, it's more than 1000!!! @_@
At last, I hope everything is great in Cambodia and please send my regards to your family as well. Good night. :-)
Your friend from Malaysia,
Khai Lee (Shiva)


Dear Sowanna,

“Thanks Sowanna for the good visit during these 3 days ! You respect all our wishes, with nice optimization of the visit.

We sincerely appreciate your explanation on all history, with good sence of humor.

We wish you all the best for you and your family

Best regards

Annick Deschamps

Planning & Logistic Apparel & Accessories

Salomon S.A. – SOFTGOODS Logistics

74996 Annecy Cedex 9,  France

Tel. +33 4 50 65 44 88, fax +33 4 50 65 45 97.

annick_deschamps@salomon-sports.com  www.salomonsports.com  www.amersports.com
Dear Sowanna,

Here are some photos as promised. We have a very nice collection of photos
from the trip and some good memories.We like to thank you very much for a great and safe trip through the Angkor Wat temple area. Clear explanation, flexible tour scheme, professional attitude, reliable up on appointments.

You did a great job, both as a guide and private photographe

Kind regards, Marloes

Holland : edmarloes@live.nl

Special thanks to Marloes de Saegher and family came from Holland who used our pick up services in Cambodia on 21st - 23 May 2009. May the Lord Buddha bless you and family to meet all happiness and longevity.


Hi Sowanna,

Thanks for guiding us around Angkor Wat, Bayon, and all the other great treasures of Siem Reap. We really appreciated it and learned quite a lot from you.

And, our best-taken photos are those on the first day with you. :D  A lot fun indeed. Please find attached some photos with you. You may take any to show on your website. For our future friends visiting Cambodia , I would definitely recommend your accompany.

Best regards,

Jean Liu


 +86 139 1731 6531 


**** local guides, local wisdom *****

Special Thanks To Ms. Jean Liu`s group came from China  who used our pick up services in Cambodia - Angkor Wat .

Hi Mr. Sowanna …

I just wanted to say thank you for taking good care of us during this past week in Siem Reap. I really enjoy your friendship and of course Cambodia overall. I am looking forward to receiving an update on the progress and location in your village where you will be setting up the new well for the village

When you design the sign for the fresh-water well, please use the following information:

Sponsor: Rick Yakabowich

From: Yorkton , Saskatchewan , Canada (the name of my home town and province)

I will be very proud to have my family name on the sign.

I am also thinking about how I can help your school. Once the well is set-up and in full operation and you have the sign finished also, I will arrange another trip to Cambodia soon and we can discuss more details about what else I can do to support you and your village.

Bye for now my good friend !

Best regards … and take good care Mr. Sowanna.

Rick ( http://www.scotiabank.com/cda/index/0,,LIDen_SID19,00.html )


Special thank to family - Rick Yakabowich came from Canada who donated the 3 Clean Water pumps for Cambodian family. I and villagers would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless your family to meet all happiness and good health and long life forever.


Hi, Sowanna. We wanted to write a review for our time with you in
Siem Reap. We were hoping we could post it on your website and/or trip advisor. Do you have your tour on trip advisor? If not, it would be a good place to be on. David and I both felt that our time in Cambodia was the best and most interesting time we had in Asia. Of course, this was mostly true because of you. You gave us a very memorable and complete tour of the temple sites. It was really great. Thanks for all. By the way, you may remember that we went on to Koh Samui, Thailand, after our time with you in Cambodia. Our time there was basically a nightmare since we were there during that Monsoon that hit southern Thailand. We have never seen such massive amounts of water falling from the sky! And, it didn't stop. We never even got our feet in the sand. We are home in Portland, Oregon now, which has also been having some crazy weather today. It was sleeting just a few minutes ago. Let us know how we can post a review. San & David .   ( 20 - 24 March 2011 )

Dear Sowanna,
I finally returned home from my long trip around the world last week.
I have very happy memories of my visit to Siem Reap, and I want to
thank you again for being such an excellent guide.

You had asked me
to send you photos you took of me in the school we visited, and I am
attaching some of them to this email.   Please let me know whether you
are able to open the attachment.  If not, I will send them another
I hope that the school now has electricity running from the street so
that they no longer have to rely on the generator...especially now
that gasoline/petrol prices are getting higher and higher!
Warm Regards,
Leslie ( Dear Leslie,
A thousand thanks to send the beautiful pictures for us to see them. I have taken one and post on my website.
Electricity connection was completely done to use in the school.
I, students, teachers and villagers would like to thank for you that donated those money. We are all would like to pray for God to bless you to meet all happiness and long life forever.

And all the emails received many thanks
Project Management