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Sightseeing and Activities In and Around Siem Reap - Angkor.

1. Countryside Tours

When you arrive in Cambodia,it immediately apparent that the huge hotels, Guesthouses, restaurants, skyscrapers, buses and cars.
If you are enchanted by rice paddies and water buffalo, houses on stilts and little villages; you will find a tour through the Cambodian countryside truly worthwhile. We are happy to do this and genuinely delighted that visitors are interested to see more of

a real Cambodian life.The brash new hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap can give visitors a false impression of Cambodia.

Poverty and poor living conditions affect most of the population and Siem Reap Province remains the second poorest Province in Cambodia, according to aid organizations. A journey in the Cambodian countryside can help to redress the balance.

Send me any inquiries you might have. I am happy to assist with trip planning in the countryside : sowanna012@yahoo.com
Tonle Sap Lake and Cambodia`s great lake

Cambodia `s Great lake is the most prominent feature on the map of Cambodia, a huge dumbbells - shaped body of water stretching across the northwest section of the country. In the rainy season, the Tonle Sap Lake is one of the largest freshwater lake in Asia, swelling to an expansive 12,000km2.
Floating Village Tours :

1. Chong Kneas floating Village

Among the non - temple related activities in Siem Reap . It has been a visit to the floating village. About three - hour long boat ride to the floating village most recently cost US$ 15 per person if you are less then 10 people. Completed with driver and boat,
the boat goes through the floating village and there is an opportunity for you to see a real Cambodian who have been lived along the bank of Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers.
2. Kampong Plug Floating Village

Kampong Pluk floating village is one of the three Floating Villages of the bank along the Tonle Sap lake and Mekong rivers. The stilted house built within the floodplain of the lake about 16 km, It is situated on Southeast of Siem Reap city. It is a stilted house and it is a beautiful rather than Chong Kneas Floating Village.

The houses are stilted to around 6 meters in height. You can go to visit this Kampong Pluk floating village  every year on September until January.
3. Kampong Kleang floating Village
There is wonderous natural stilted homes at Kampong Kleang that was built on the Angkor Empire artificial water canal from Phnom Kulen mountain and linked to the Great Tonle Sap lake and the Mekong river. The artificial water canal is believed to transport commodities and cargo to mount Mahendrapura city or Kulen capital city in 9th century of King Jayavarman II in 802 or possibly before him. The artificial water canal is 60 meters wide and a dept of about 9 meters. It is 70km long and linked Kulen mountain to the Great Tonle Sap lake across Dam Dek town in Siem Reap province.
Some historians believe that this water canal has used to transport sandstone blocks by raft and ended up at Phnom Krom mountain at Angkor Thom city. The artificial water canal is still present in Siem Reap city, near the Goldiana hotel Angkor and other people houses covered portion of the canal track and across Kralanh village to Angkor Wat temple.

. According to Mr. George Coedes, a Frenchman archaeologist, it was recorded that 700 rafts were used to bring sandstone blocks to build Angkor Wat temple and other temples. Stilted homes 8 meters in height near the dam cliff of Angkor Empire road and artificial water canal close to Tonle Sap lake bank comprise the massive Kampong Kleang village.
- Cambodian families in this village, still speak the Angkor Empire language such as: Ar Nga Dak Tro Pouk Ang Kuy Lehng which means, take your bottom to sit down. If the people from the city heard this word, they might be angry but this word is a normal word for all our Khmer people. The Great Khmer Empire has about 15 tribes that make up the Great Khmer Kingdom or Angkor Empire.
- The Cambodian people who live the floating village still use secret and magically transformed body ( Chhoan Arh Rak ) to treat various diseases around villages. The people in this floating village preserve an unusual ethnic history. They catch fish for export and produce the Pra Hok ( fish paste ) and smoke fish, dried fish. Etc
There is a large monastery & the best stretch of village that can be wandered through - even in the highness of wet season.
If you will have time, you should go there and take the boat association to visit the mangrove trees, Angkor Empire dam cliff, road, artificial water canal and the massive village and floating village there.

National Bird Sanctuary in Prek Toal
Prek Toal is an area of the Tonle Sap lake who reserved as Biosphere.
Pretty song of bird sanctuary at Prek Toal in Battambang province
The legend of young Princess of a ruler in Angkor Empire was grabbed by an enormous crocodile and still alive in crocodile stomach at Prek Toal.
Prek Toal bird sanctuary is one of the most important attractions that exist today. On 12th January 2012, Robert Phelps group from USA visited the largest freshwater bird sanctuary in Prek Toal. We traveled from Siem Reap, Angkor Wat by boat to reach there and take time about 1.20 minutes. We saw the massive flocks of birds descend upon Prek Toal due to its unique biosphere and perfect breeding and hunting ground for birds. What adds to its charm is the fact that you can visit spotting bird flying overhead and nesting in the branches of the lake trees.
For photographers and nature lovers must see.

Please notice, March is the peak breeding season of pelicans and storks. Etc December to February is the best time to visit the nesting colonies the flood forest. Boats are still able to approach parts of the lakeshore, another rewarding place for the bird watching. 
Upon arrival, we met Prek Toal environmental researcher station for guiding tour to bird sanctuary. There are also basic overnight accommodation there, if you want to stay a night to take full advantage to watch the birds and viewing in the evening and morning. The Biosphere covers 31,282 hectares at the northwest tip of the Tonle Sap Lake.
Prek Toal which mean = stuck or grounded.
The western Baray is a vast man – made lake, surrounding by an earthen levee which form a dyke. According to legend of Prek Toal and linked to Western reservoir ( which mean stuck or grounded ) , the legend said, the young daughter of a ruler of Angkor Empire was grabbed by an enormous crocodile, which made a large opening in the south dyke of the West Baray ( reservoir ) that can still be seen today. The crocodile escaped and ran into Prek Toal in Battambang province and was captured and killed. The princess, still living in its stomach, was rescued.

As the temple in the middle is in the same style as the Baphuon, the baray was probably constructed in the 11th century. The east dyke lead to the temple of Phnom Bakheng. Some historian believe the West Baray could have been mooring place for the royal barges as well as a reservoir. Etc
Please send me any inquiries you might have. I will be only to happy to reply and give you any information on Angkor Wat and Cambodia that you require. Email Address : sowanna012@yahoo.com
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